Fancy £500 and a tour round James Bond’s studio home?

..then enter the IOMFF2013 Short Film Competition!


Thanks to our sponsors the Manx Educational Foundation, Skandia International and Dandara/Heritage Homes, we’ve got fab prizes for successful filmmakers. And thanks to Pinewood Pictures and Isle of Man Film, one lucky winner will get an exclusive tour around their state of the art facilities – home to blockbusters like Bond, Batman and Les Miserables, which featured the Island’s own Samantha Barks as Eponine.

So, what’s the skinny? Well, you can submit films of any genre, and either documentary or fiction. But we also wanted to inject a real Manx flavour to the festival, so this year, we’re introducing the ‘Island Life’ and ‘Music Moves’ categories.


Maybe you’ve made a film that was inspired by or heavily features the Manx landscape, the sea, the Isle’s vast and fascinating history? Or perhaps your screenplay was inspired by the isolation of living on an Island, or its community, or its people? And speaking of its people, we’d love to see some short documentary profiles in this category – the Island is chock full of Manx characters with fascinating stories to tell! There’s still two weeks til entry deadline, so why not get out there and interview someone?


Music plays an extremely important role in the lives of us Manx peoples and film and music are intrinsically linked. Short film is the perfect medium to showcase bands, solo artists, musicians and composers. Often the lyrics of a song are a story within themselves. There are so many talented bands on the tiny Isle, so if you’ve made a video for one of them, send it in! Or if you’ve written a short film inspired by a particular song, or where music is an important character in the film itself, send it in!

But don’t worry if you don’t have something that fits either of the above. The full list of awards are as follows:

Best Documentary/Non-Fiction
Best Fiction
Island Life Award
Music Moves Award
Best Animation
Best of the Fest

We have a really impressive panel – headed up by BBC Film Critic and Island of Culture Patron Mark Kermode, with Guerilla Films co-Founders Chris Jones (also Director of London Screenwriters Festival) and David Wilkinson (also Chairman of Distrify). There are other judges alongside them, including some from closer to home, but of course we don’t want to give all the names away before the festival – can’t risk folk sending kipper bribes in the post now can we? 😉FINE PRINT
Just for this year, entry to the competition is FREE. All films must be 15 minutes or less in length and have been made within the past 18months either on the Isle of Man, or by Manx filmmakers. Deadline: entry form must have been filled out and validated and an online link to view your film (password protected or hidden from public view) must be submitted and received by the Festival no later than August 31st, 2013. As several of our judges are off Island, we must insist on online entries to enable them to view your films as quickly and easily as possible. (If your film is selected, we will of course speak to you about getting a DVD copy for screening.)
There is a further detail and information on the entry forms, so if you’re interested in submitting a short, please email and we’ll fire a form over to you.

Although IOMFF2013 is a mostly ‘Manx’ affair with regards the film competition, we do have plans to open IOMFF2014  to international submissions. 2014  is Island of Culture year and with Mark Kermode as Patron, it will be the perfect time to introduce global films to the festival, and to show the rest of the world what a high standard of film making we have here.

But for now Manxies, get your films in! And good luck to all 🙂

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