“I hate good-byes. 
I know what I need! I need more hellos.” 

Ahh the wisdom of Snoopy. Or Charles M Schultz, to be exact - but it’s so much cuter when you picture the words being delivered by the cartoon hound to Charlie Brown and his pals. Words and images perfectly paired. 


Why this quote, though? Well, it rather neatly sums up the atmosphere here in camp IOMFF as we bring you bitter sweet news… 


Firstly, we are sad to have to tell you that we have recently taken the difficult decision to put the Festival on hold for 2019 . There are many factors and reasons that we don’t want to bore you with and which frankly aren’t important right now. The important thing is that, although we are saying ‘Goodbye’ for this year, we are already planning our loud and enthusiastic “HELLO!” For 2020. 


Obviously, this means September 2019 will have something of a Film Festival-shaped hole.. but there are still plenty of wonderful creative events happening in and around ‘Festember’ - Manx Litfest, Our Island Our World music festival, the Food and Drink Festival to name just a few. 


The upside of our taking this time out means the core IOMFF team has plenty of opportunity to build and prepare for a bigger, better, hugely exciting event next year. There are some plans in the pipeline for smaller, interim events, so although there won’t be the big public showcase we had planned, keep an eye on our various social media pages and website for updates.  

And so we bid you ‘adieu’ - for now - with a great big THANK YOU for your ongoing support - whether you are filmmaker, audience member, partner, contributor - or simply a Snoopy fan who recognised the quote and couldn’t resist reading on.

“It’s a matter of making the Island feel that it is part of the global filmmaking community, for people to think of it as a destination to come and talk about films, show films and meet other filmmakers...”
Mark Kermode
Film Critic, Musician, Broadcaster and Patron of the ISLE OF MAN FILM FESTIVAL