2013 Workshop: Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass

Presenting … an incredible Film Festival Master Class

Hey ‘Film Guerrillas’! Emily here Film Festival Fringe Coordinator, to let you know about this utterly incredible workshop that’s coming to the Isle of Man as part of this year’s Film Festival! We’re pretty excited!

The official “Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass” is happening and people are going Banannas for it!

Chris Jones with a 'Guerilla' group!
Chris Jones with a ‘Guerilla’ group!

The master class is running over the weekend of Sept 14th and 15th and brought to you by the one and only Chris Jones, a truly inspirational film maker, whom no doubt you’ve heard of through his world famous and best selling ‘Guerrilla Film Makers Handbook’ publication, giving a practical indepth and inspiring insight into how to be an indie film maker from a grass roots level.

“Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass” work shop covers everything from story to budget to casting, along with camera, sound, post production and much more.

GMC3We are so lucky to have him coming over to the Island, to deliver one of his workshops which in the UK are normally over subscribed and sell outs! Thanks to our workshop sponsorship from PokerStars, The Isle of Man Film Festival is to offer the Masterclass at half of what the full price is in London. And of course the beauty of it is that you don’t have to travel off Island, and will be networking with other people interested in film right here on the Island.

What previous participants say about his workshops:-

This is not about the film industry, this IS the film industry. Be part of it!’ Tom Kerevan, Writer & Producer
‘Brilliant, awesome, just an inspiring weekend that has given me the confidence to finish my first feature film! Thanks Chris’ Bryony Disbury

‘I learnt more in 2 days than in 2 years worth of Media Studies!’ Stephen Pelly, Writer
‘Chris’ positivity and energy is outstanding. It’s an inspiring, refreshing, exhilarating week-end that rekindled the original spark and reminded me that all the sacrifices I made to become a filmmaker were worth it because indeed I never feel more alive than on a film set’ Stephanie Joalland, writer/director/producer at www.frenzyfilms.com

Oscar winner Gareth Unwin at a Masterclass
Oscar winner Gareth Unwin at a Masterclass

To be held in the Villa Marina Colonnade Suite, the fee is just £70 for both days, running from 9am to 4.30pm – which enables workshoppers to attend the evening sessions of the film festival upstairs at the Broadway Cinema between 5pm and 7pm. Places are limited so if you’re interested in the filmmaking process and want to take advantage of this excellent opportunity, please contact workshop coordinator Rosie at rosie@isleofmanfilmfestival.com or call 01624 677214 as soon as possible.

Spaces on the workshop will go like hotcakes… (so here’s a sneaky heads up) Book yours NOW!

See you there,

Isle of Man Film Fringe Festival Coordinator


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