It’s a wrap!

Well that was a bit special then, wasn’t it?!

MannIN Shorts Isle of Man Film Festival Banner

Films have been screened, questions have been answered, workshops have wrapped, competitions have closed, awards presented, ManyThanks conveyed, posters taken down, visiting guests flown home and the beautiful Broadway cinema has been returned to its normal (slightly less panic-stricken) state.

It’s been a blast.

If you were there with us at any point, we hope you enjoyed it and took something away from the experience, and we thank you for your support – there’d be no point us doing ANY of this without an Audience, so if that was you, we salute you!

For those that were part of it – helping make the festival itself happen in any way shape or form, or because you were part of one of the films that were screened, again, we thank and salute you – if it weren’t for you, there’d be no reason for an audience in the first place!

There were a few films we didn’t have time to show that we really wanted to (our Manxies Abroad tribute being one, and Kyle Withington’s Young Filmmaker drama being another) so we will post those online soon. In the meantime, congratulations to our ‘Shorties’ winners – who left the cinema with a fabulous recreation of Juan Moore‘s MannIN Shorts MiniMovieMan, crafted by Simon Harris and the Laxey Blacksmith Alan King, and sponsored by Isle of Man Film and Sure. The winners were:-

  • Sam Crowhurst Waters = WINNER: The Sure Big Screen Online Winner, for ‘The Free Hugs Experiement’
  • Emily Cook and her crew – WINNERS: The Isle of Man Film Scene Stealer Challenge 2012, for ‘The Graduate’
  • Kyle Withington = WINNER: MannIN Short Promising Young Filmmaker Award


1 thought on “It’s a wrap!”

  1. Hi guys
    looks like a massive success,so pleased for you all….i know how hard you all work, i was gutted i didnt buy tickets and missed this great event (wont happen again)…congrats to emily….shame bev,but dont worry revenge is a dish best served…COLD…hahahahaha
    best regards
    big ray

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