ISLE OF MAN FILM FESTIVAL 4–8 September 2019

IOMFF 2015

2015 Shortlist and Winners

Our panel of judges chose the following films for each category of our IOMFF2015 International Shorts Competition:

The Bathroom (Wr/Dir: Sam Peter Jackson)
Mediation (Wr/Dir: Francisco Lorite)
Billy The Kid (Wr/Dir: Sam Johnson)
In The Daze of Things (Wr/Dir: Gaël Zaks )

The Final Day (Dir: Neil Webster, Wr: James Warren)
The Wager (Dir: Joss Maines, Wr: Andrew Daniel)
Me & You (Dir: Jack Tew)
He & She (Dir: Marco Gadge)

Touching Memory (Wr/Dir: Megan Durnford)
Sarah (Dir: Ian Bellinger)
World Without Light (Dir: Thom Hoffman)

Missing Dad (Dir: Robert Wagstaff)
The Looking Planet (Wr/Dir: Eric Law Anderson)
Static Run (Dir: Sean Ye)

LaurelBestFest2015wobCongratulations to the following films, which won awards in their various categories and especially to triple-winners Billy The Kid, a fabulous short highlighting the all too common issue of bullying in a sensitive, quirky and often hilarious way.

Best Fiction: “Me & You”
Best Comedy: “Billy The Kid”
Best Documentary: “Sarah”
Best Animation: “The Looking Planet”
Kermode’s Special Commendation: “He & She”
Best of the Fest (judged by Mark Kermode): “Billy The Kid”

And the Audience Vote Award was a landslide victory for “Billy The Kid”, proving our judges were very much in tune with our audience and rounding off the filmmakers’ festival weekend very nicely indeed!