Friday night is feature night! With Director Dave’s fave IOM Film..

J Blakeson
J Blakeson

Here at #IOMFF HQ, we’re all THRILLED that our Isle of Man Film Friday Night Feature this year is The Disappearance of Alice Creed’  and that we will have Writer/Director J Blakeson in attendance. We all love the film and have been lobbying to have it as part of the festival since last year.

It’s a brilliantly crafted, tense, twisting, gripping movie. And not only that – it is an inspiring film for new filmmakers (such as our MannIN Shorts crews), because it is set mostly in one location and with a very small cast and therefore is ‘achieveable’.

ABOUT THE FILM: ‘Alice’ is a critically acclaimed film,  starring Eddie Marsan and Gemma Arterton and was made on the Island by CinemaNX in 2009.

the-disappearance-of-alice-creed-gemma-artertonVic (Marsan), an experienced criminal, and Danny (Compston), his younger partner, meticulously prepare a van and a flat for use in a kidnapping. They snatch Alice (Arterton), estranged daughter of a millionaire, and keep her bound and blindfolded while negotiating the ransom. However, the abductors and the hostage all have secrets which complicate the situation…

Total Film: “A grippingly twisted thriller”   Empire Online: “A small but perfectly formed crime drama. And, without making a fuss, a proper nail-biter, too.”    Mark Kermode: “(The) smart script confounds expectations..the tension increases as the twists continue… lean, mean fare which (like Me & Orson Welles) does credit to CinemaNX and reaffirms that old maxim that all good film-making starts with a really solid screenplay.”

TICKETS are just £8. This includes a Q&A with J Blakeson, which will be led by Chris Jones, the Director of London Screenwriters Festival. It is a ‘must-go’ event for film lovers, film makers or just Friday night thrill seekers! (not in *that* way..) Online booking here: