An evening with Amma Asante, Mark Kermode & The Dodge Brothers

Dodge Brothers and IOMFF Team
Steve Babb photography

WOW what an amazing Friday evening. BAFTA award winning director Amma Asante charmed a packed Broadway Cinema during her Q & A with Mark Kermode. Not surprisingly she was eloquent and charming but was also refreshingly down to earth and very appreciative of the success and adulation she was receiving. Watching the chemistry between Mark and Amma you could see their genuine respect and fondness for one another which made for a relaxed and honest chat. She is a down to earth lady who rushes off to buy an expensive Dior outfit for her meeting with Oprah (that she realises after she can’t afford) but also has the ability to have her actors capture the audience with just a look, she has an extraordinary eye for detail.
The Isle of Man holds a special place in her heart the whole of her crew and actors enjoyed their time here and we can’t wait for her to come back and film another film here! Thanks for coming Amma!

Amma Asante & Mike Reaney
David Silvester, The Studio Colby

As if that wasn’t enough…the evening continued in the same vein with our exclusive Dodge Brothers gig at Noa Bakehouse. Those boys had the house jumping! Music by real musicians playing jug and skiffle style, think 50’s rock and roll, rockerbilly and hillbilly all rolled into one fantastic toe tapping hip slapping jumping music and you haven’t even touched the surface! From the first chord until the last everyone was dancing along! What fantastic entertainers and musicians they are…and we get to see them all over again this evening at ‘Beggars of Life’ Secret Cinema…yay!