Danny Lacey to return to Island for Film Fest 2012

We’re excited to be able to confirm that Leeds based filmmaker  Danny Lacey will be at this year’s Isle of Man Film Festival. Danny is not only a bit of a social network phenomena in the filmmaking world, he is also one of the most innovative and inspiring new independent filmmakers on the circuit. He will be screening two of his short films, (both of which received their worldwide premieres just a fortnight ago), as part of our ‘Evening With The Indies’ event on Saturday September 15th. Danny will introduce his shorts and be available for Q&A afterwards.

FILM ONE: “Host” is an ‘edge of your seat’ thriller/drama starring Raffaelo Degruttola (“Quantum of Solace”, “Saving Private Ryan”). Written, Produced and Directed by Danny earlier this year, this was the first short he made with DSLR guru Philip Bloom as DP. Shot in one location with only Raff and 2nd actor John Guilor, it cost just £300 to make. It was shot on the Red Epic. The film is intense, disturbing and looks great, with fabulous performances from both Raff and John. Watch the teaser trailer here:

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/32702430 w=500&h=281]

FILM TWO: “Love Like Hers” – Danny’s second short movie which he wrote, Produced and Directed – is a psychological thriller starring Vincent Regan (“300”, “SnowWhite and the Huntsman”), Susie Amy (“Lesbian Vampire Killers”, “Modigliani”) and introducing new talent Margaret Clunie. It was shot on Super 16mm in 2011, with David Beaumont as Director of Photography. It was a crowd funded project, with Danny famously broadcasting for 24hrs live online to raise further funds; he had special guests for the duration of the online fundraiser and there was even a live concert linked up to our very own DAM Studios here on the tiny Isle, where Truman Falls, Anna Goldsmith and Christy DeHaven entertained the virtual audience for an hour. Watch the trailer below:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crAbuBytjAk]


‘Love Like Hers’ has strong ties to the Isle of Man, not least because Dave Armstrong was camera op, Christy shot the Behind The Scenes video and a fair few Manxies supported the crowd funding efforts! Danny – who lived on the Isle of Man for a spell in the 90s – also introduced an interesting new way of raising money pre-production; he wrote a ‘theme song’ for the movie with composer Niklas Aman and invited Isle of Man singer songwriter Anna Goldsmith to sing it. He then came to the Island, where Anna’s vocals were recorded at DAM Studios, and he and Dave produced a video for the song. ‘Here Tomorrow’ was then sold as a download to help raise monies and profile for the movie, and the song itself features strongly in the final film.  You can watch the video online now:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maqz2VH96Nw]

TICKETS FOR THE FESTIVAL WILL BE AVAILABLE SHORTLY FROM VILLA MARINA BOX OFFICE AND TICKET OUTLETS priced just £5 per event, or £12 for the entire weekend. Watch this space for further announcements this coming week…