New guest announced for “Evening With the Indies” night

As you know, in an attempt to build major tension in the lead up to our Film Festival (!), we are announcing our Saturday evening guests on a slow released basis. Will let you know how that goes after the event 😉  The latest to be announced is RAFFAELLO DEGRUTTOLA.

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Danny Lacey to return to Island for Film Fest 2012

We’re excited to be able to confirm that Leeds based filmmaker  Danny Lacey will be at this year’s Isle of Man Film Festival. Danny is not only a bit of a social network phenomena in the filmmaking world, he is also one of the most innovative and inspiring new independent filmmakers

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..aaaaand ACTION!

So, here we are. A couple of months ago it seemed the Isle of Man wasn’t going to have a Film Festival this year, due to various unfortunate cutbacks. But in less than a month, right here on the tiny Isle, there will be all KINDS of fun film stuffs

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